The beauty of Code

Code is fun to watch
The computer – Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We might think of the computer as a very advanced piece of technology.”It’s sophisticated, it’s smart and it can get the job done faster than I can alone.” most of us think this. But in reality, the computer is very stupid. It’s no smarter than the person who uses it. Unless we give it specific step by step instructions on how to do something, it cant do it. What’s more, the computer doesn’t really speak our language. We have to use programming languages to tell it what to do. So here the code is our way to tell our dumb computer what to do. It’s not as scary when you think about it this way now is it?

The Code.

Code is fun to watch
Coding is fun -Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Most of us at some point in our lives might have heard about coding and programming. Some of us might have tried and learned it. Some of us might have mastered it, others might have dropped it and some might enjoy it. Being a programmer, I came to appreciate code a little more. I was ever so drawn to it. To me, it was like a new puzzle or a challenge waiting to be completed. what makes it amazing is that, usually, 3 magic words can help you get out of most situations.

This article might not be for everyone. I am talking about something that I personally enjoy, and it might not be the same you everyone. But if you are still interested in knowing, I’ll be glad to tell you how three commands can make your day.

These three commands might not be seen as that amazing. In fact, some of you might even say it’s obvious. Well, it is obvious. It’s so obvious we use it every time we do a task. Not just coding. To a programmer, these words are their bread and butter. Most of us, programmers I mean, take them for granted. Sometimes we all forget just how much our lives are based on them. In fact, they could (are) the building blocks of any activity that requires intelligence. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual assistants and all those highly complicated and intricate pieces of technology are mostly based on these magic commands.

Magic Words in coding.

If, For and While.. gets the job done – Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

What are these magic words? This might seem a little anticlimactic but they are “if, for and while”, I’m not saying all the other commands are irrelevant or less important, but we come to fall in love with these three in particular. At Least, that was my experience. I became more and more interested in them after seeing how they are used in the simplest codes and how the same make up a huge percent of an intricate and complex project. If you love learning multiple programming languages you will see that they or their variations exist in all programming languages.

Code’s and Lego’s

Yay! Lego’s – Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash

It’s better to think of code like Lego’s. They are simple in their basic element. There are different shapes of Lego’s. Individually, they are very simple to use. But the things we can make with them are practically limitless.

All that’s limiting it is how well your creativity is. Put the legos in the right way, and you can make amazing structures. They will look greatly complex when you look at it but, take a closer look and you will see that they are made by the same simple Lego pieces.

Amazing Sculpture made using Lego's
Amazing Sculpture made using Lego’s

Coding is just like that. The legos here are the basic building blocks. It all depends on how you structure it to make a program. Every skill may look intimidating when you see it for the first time. You might feel overwhelmed. You might think “ I can never be as good as ____”. But that’s all right. If you stop and think about it, those people we might think as pros didn’t start out that way. Every pro has a story of failure. They started out just like you and me. They worked hard, practiced and with perseverance they made it to the top.

A complex code ..dont be afraid – Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

So don’t be afraid of’s the natural to fail a few times. Remember, it is through failure that we learn to get better. We learn more from failure than from success.

It’s not just about coding, this is the same for any new skill. So let’s forget about all that may go wrong. Let’s forget about the chance of failure and take a step to learn something new. Try, try and try again. And sooner or later you can master any skill.

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