Raytracing for GTX 1060 and above! What to watch out for

NVIDIA has always been a company to keep an eye on for gamers across the globe. NVIDIA announced their new RTX Series of graphics cards, the RTX 2060 and RTX 2080 Graphics cards this year. Since then, One word has been stuck on the minds of gamer’s everywhere, “Raytracing”. Raytracing is the latest innovation by NVIDIA which was announced for their RTX series graphics cards, but yesterday, it was announced that Raytracing for GTX 1060 and above can be expected soon by a driver update. Before we jump on the…

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How useful is Google Home in India?

Google home - Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

Lots of people don’t really need the Google Home at their homes in India. In fact, there are many, who might not have even heard of it. The Google home is not some piece of tech that you can’t live without. Its just something that can make our lives a little bit simpler. so How useful is Google Home in India? Whether or not the Google home will be useful for you depends on why you need one in the first place. The Google Home is a device that supports…

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CES 2019, New Philips Hue Smart Devices

CES 2019 is progressing smoothly and Philips has introduced their newest range of Philips Hue smart devices. the Philips Hue range of products is designed to bring lighting control to your fingertips. They are a line of smart lights , sensors and other devices that enhance your smart home experience to the fullest. Having control over every appliance in your house is always our top priority. So why shouldn’t that control extend to our lighting too? Philips Hue series products are designed for just that. They bring lighting control to…

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