INSTINOU: The superhero for your electrical appliances

We live in an age where almost everything we do makes use of an electrical device one way or another. We constantly take our Computers, Televisions, Set Top boxes, Refrigerators etc for granted. All it could take is one stray thunderbolt or a sudden short circuit to perhaps destroy them. These are where voltage stabilizers, overload protectors and the like come in to play. These devices keep the power in check so that your device can work safely. Let’s take a look at INSTINOU, an intelligent device circuit breaker. What…

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Google Home: The Smart Speaker For You

Google home - Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

Lately, smart speakers have taken over the market by storm. The Google home is one among the top contenders and it has greatly improved the lifestyle of many users. Today lets take a look at the Google home and why its such a great piece of tech to have around you. I’ve had my Google home mini for around 4 months now. So what can it do? let’s take a look. The Google¬†Home mini By now, most of are familiar with using the google assistant in our android phones. We…

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