Learning a New Skill

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

what is a skill? we might have asked this question at least once in our career. A skill is┬áthe ability to do something well or perhaps we can call it expertise. Whats your next move ? A Game Called Life It’s a great idea to think of our lives as one big video game. Hopefully, most of you have played video games at one point in your lives. To be a better player you need to get ahold of some skill. The objective of the game is to win. The…

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How to dress up for an Interview ( A men’s guide)

 This will be a guide for all the guys since, you know, I’m a guy too. I’ll let someone else handle the guide for the girls.If that sound good, then let’s get started on today’s topic shall we? well, how do you dress up for an interview?  To answer this let’s take a stroll around a supermarket for a few minutes. You are at the supermarket and are looking to buy, well let’s say toothpaste. Let’s assume you don’t know any of the good brands and it’s your very first…

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How not to be awkward in groups

Feeling awkward in groups? I’m gonna be honest with you all right here. I was never very good in crowds. I know that at least some of you feel the same. I usually fine with a group of 3 or 4 friends but once the group gets larger or if I’m at an event with lots of people, I would mostly keep to myself. Let’s take a few examples, it might be a party, it might be a wedding reception or might be a reunion event. Whatever the situation if…

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