Beginner’s data recovery guide : Get back your lost files

Data Recovery guide

Getting deleted data back can sometimes be a very expensive process. Sometimes It can hundreds and thousands of dollars. But if the data you want to get back is not extremely valuable or if you are confident enough to try and get them back without professional help, here is a data recovery guide for beginners. Let’s get started, shall we? Data recovery guide: The basics First of all, you need to identify just how severe the damage is. Check out this post called “Data recovery levels of hard disk: Understanding…

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Learning to draw: from squiggles to faces

We tend to think of drawing as something really difficult that only people with great talent and dedication can accomplish. To be honest, this is only partly true. We do need talent, but what exactly is it and how will you know you have “talent” to draw in the first place? We can’t tell if you have great drawing skills just form your first drawing. If you look at the first attempts made by successful artists you can see that most of them started where we are now.  Draw Squiggles.…

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Learning a New Skill

Photo by from Pexels

what is a skill? we might have asked this question at least once in our career. A skill is the ability to do something well or perhaps we can call it expertise. Whats your next move ? A Game Called Life It’s a great idea to think of our lives as one big video game. Hopefully, most of you have played video games at one point in your lives. To be a better player you need to get ahold of some skill. The objective of the game is to win. The…

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Writing a Resume.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

When we are out job hunting, the most important tool we need is a Resume. Writing a resume is not as challenging as one might expect, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to mess it up either. You don’t need to make a resume as colorful as a movie poster nor do you need one that’s over 10 pages long. A resume is supposed to be a brief intro to the professional that is you. When writing a resume there are quite a few dos and don’ts but more…

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How to dress up for an Interview ( A men’s guide)

 This will be a guide for all the guys since, you know, I’m a guy too. I’ll let someone else handle the guide for the girls.If that sound good, then let’s get started on today’s topic shall we? well, how do you dress up for an interview?  To answer this let’s take a stroll around a supermarket for a few minutes. You are at the supermarket and are looking to buy, well let’s say toothpaste. Let’s assume you don’t know any of the good brands and it’s your very first…

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Training for Freshers after Getting Placed ( IT Industry )

Training for Freshers after Getting Placed, a Guide( IT Industry ) – Photo by William Iven on Unsplash  I had a few friends ask me how it’s like the working as a software developer and the answer I usually give them is that it’s fun for me. I recently had some friends also join companies in the IT field, especially software development, and I think nows a good a time as any to write about how our experiences were when we joined an IT company for the very first time.…

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Ace group discussions with ease

Group discussions? Fear not. We talked about what group discussions are and why a lot of companies use them in their recruitment process.If you happened to miss that article you can read it Here.As we have said earlier, group discussions are more of an elimination process than a selection process.So you need to come in number one on their radar every time to make the cut. Although things may look difficult and nearly impossible at first there are a few, simple things you can do to ace the group discussions…

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Group Discussion and Job Recruitment

Why there are Group Discussions when you apply for a job? Let’s go through a bit of intro to really understand whats going on behind the scenes when a company puts out an advertisement for recruiting potential employees. We will look deeper into the ” what? why and how ?” of a group discussion. Introduction Every Company out there that are looking to hire people. They always get more applicants than they need. So how do they filter hundreds and thousands of applications and resumes? They bring in tests of various levels…

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