Beginner’s data recovery guide : Get back your lost files

Data Recovery guide

Getting deleted data back can sometimes be a very expensive process. Sometimes It can hundreds and thousands of dollars. But if the data you want to get back is not extremely valuable or if you are confident enough to try and get them back without professional help, here is a data recovery guide for beginners. Let’s get started, shall we? Data recovery guide: The basics First of all, you need to identify just how severe the damage is. Check out this post called “Data recovery levels of hard disk: Understanding…

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Deleting files in a hard disk : What happens on the inside ?

We all have gone through the process of deleting files from our computer. Whether its to free up disk space or to get rid of unused files, deleting files seems to be an easy and sure-fire way to get rid of data. Or is it? Let’s take a look at what really happens when you delete files in a hard disk.  What does hitting the delete button do? Usually in Windows, when we select a file/ group of files and hit the “delete” button, the files are moved to the…

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Data recovery levels of hard disk: Understanding how it works.

We all save our precious files on our computers. Most of us have experienced a loss of data or important files at least once. Whether its by accidentally formatting your hard disk or accidentally deleting important project files while freeing up hard disk space. We might not have thought much about data recovery or how it works, so lets jump right in shall we? Hard disk failures and our own carelessness are the common reasons how we end up losing data. but that’s not all, it can be caused by…

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