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Google photos is a great application that helps us keep track of all our precious memories. If you have a decent internet connection on your phone, it makes storing these precious memories much easier.

Back in the old days, if your memory card/storage failed, or you accidentally lost your phone, those photos would have also been lost for good. I had also lost quite a lot of photos before Google photos were a thing.

A little history on Google Photos

A quick google will tell you that “Google Photos is a photo-sharing and storage service developed by Google. It was announced in May 2015 and separated from Google+, the company’s social network. Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution.”

Well, that’s great! unlimited storage for almost all of my photos and videos is a great blessing. Most phones (like mine) don’t take pictures higher than 16 megapixels any way. Even if they are of higher quality, Google photos have their own option for optimizing and shrinking the photos if you still want to keep them without sacrificing your storage. Even if you wanted to save it in the original quality, you can always buy more storage.

This gives everyone using google photos a few advantages :

  • All your photos will be backed up in the cloud.
  • If the photos are under 16 MP or optimized by Google’s algorithm, storage is free
  • You can access it from anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection
  • It saves up space in your phone/computer
  • Even if you lose your phone or your storage fails, the photos and videos would not be lost.
  • you can create albums and share with friends and family

There are many more advantages. But to share photos through Google Photos service has been to create a cumbersome shared album.  If you wanted to share a single photo or a few without creating an album, it was not possible….until a few days ago.

What’s new?

Google has now revamped the share option and its now effectively a private messaging feature built into the Google Photos iOS, Android mobile, and website. Now, If you want to share a photo, you don’t have to create an entire album, You can send a one-off message to your friend. The experience will be similar to that on Instagram or snap chat, except now it’s on Google photos.

You can also start a conversation and you and your friends can talk about the picture, comment on it and share stories. Now your shared picture starts a conversation and the experience becomes closer to a messenger service.

How to Share photos and start a conversation in Google Photos

Right now, the share-chat feature isn’t that complex. You can start a group chats with as many people as you like. Everyone involved can share photos and videos, like posts, comment in the thread, and share individual files to their own personal collection.

You can create a new chat by selecting share under a photo from the main library while existing chats can now be accessed from the “Share” tab.

Now you have one more way of staying connected and sharing experiences with your friends and family. This just might be Google’s answer to take space in the social media domain. As of now, the new feature is a great addition and I do enjoy using it. I’ve found myself using it more and more to share photos.

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