Samsung Galaxy Fold : The foldable phone with no headphone jack

The folding phone of the future is here today as Samsung officially unveils their brand new Samsung Galaxy Fold phones. Samsung teased this phone way back in November but now Samsung announces these brand new line of phones will be expected to be available on April 26th, 2019. Before we all jump on the hype train for a foldable phone, there are a few catches. Bringing such innovative tech to the market is bound to bring some catches to customers, the first being the price. But there are more features packed into this phone that makes it more than a foldable phone and probably more than just a phone. Let’s take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The first thing that stands out about this phone is its price. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a very expensive phone. Samsung has announced that they intend to launch this phone on April 26 at a starting price of $1,980.Samsung is also planning on launching the device in Europe on May 3rd, starting at 2,000 euros. They are also offering a free pair of Samsung’s newest wireless earbuds. Which brings our next “catch”, The new phone does not come with a headphone jack! which to many will be a disappointment. But it looks like “headphone jack-less” might be the new future as more and more brands are slowly adopting this trend. The phone will be available in both LTE(4G) and 5G versions. So let’s take a look at the specs that are coming with this new phone

Main Features

Display7.3-inch QXGA Infinity Flex Display (unfolded),  4.6-inch HD+ (Folded Display)
ProcessorQualcomm 7nm octa-core processor
Storage512GB of Universal Flash Storage 3.0
Battery2 Batteries combined together to have 4,380 mAh
Fold LifeSamsung says it’s able to fold at least 200,000 times
Camera 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera,
12-megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras at the rear
10-megapixel cover camera for selfies.

Being an expensive phone, we expect Samsung to bring top tier tech to the table. So far they have delivered. On paper, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a monstrous phone. Having a Qualcomm 7nm octa-core processor, this phone is made to handle huge processing. You can run multiple Apps easily without feeling any lag and the 12GB RAM makes sure you receive the best performance anytime. The phone can run all the popular games and applications effortlessly at the best quality. Samsung has also announced that the Galaxy Fold can run three apps at once, and is using an app continuity system to adjust these apps when you move between tablet and phone modes.

Samsung has also been working with Google to ensure that Android 9 Pie Fully supports the Flexible Samsung Galaxy Fold Flawlessly.Most Apps like WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, and YouTube have all been optimised for the new display and its different modes.

For Samsung, the future of the Fordable phone looks like one where there is no room for a headphone jack. Unlike Samsung’s other phones released, this one doesn’t have a headphone jack, which might be a disappointment to a lot of users. The headphone jack isn’t the only standard item missing from the Fold. The microSD card slot is also a thing of the past for Samsung Galaxy fold. However, you won’t be missing the microSD card slot for a while on this phone as it comes packed with a fast and powerful 512GB Universal Flash Storage 3.0.

The verdict

As Samsung said at the event, the Galaxy Fold is meant to be a premium luxury device, not a mainstream one in the same way that the S10. So you won’t see many of the Samsung Galaxy Fold unless you are willing to pay around $2000. With that money, you can buy a perfectly good gaming PC. In a sense, This technology is brand new and it might not be for everyone. A lot of us have some mixed feelings about the Galaxy Fold. We will just have to wait and see how the phone takes off and how the customers take in all the features packed with it. Like everyone else, we are all waiting patiently to see just how great this phone is and see if can measure up to the hype.

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