How to make a Panda Wall mount for decoration using papercraft

Panda wall mount DIY

It’s always confusing how we can decorate walls. We can paint them, add some posters and photos and that’s just about it for most of our walls. Sometimes our walls need something refreshing, something 3D, something fun. With this in mind, I created This! A panda head wall mount!

Heres a quick preview on the model ive created!

Panda’s are super cute and Low poly models have their own elegance. Since This is a low poly model, it’s much easier to make. It will only take a few hours and it’s gonna turn out amazing. All you have to do is print the files on A3 paper, cut the pieces, and assemble them. If you want you could paint the model like I did to give it a more professional look. This is a great model to decorate your children’s rooms. You could paint it brown or black and turn it into a bear instead of a panda. So it’s super cute.

With this model, I hope to bring together a combination of both the cuteness of panda’s and the elegance of low poly sculptures. You can download the files needed for the build from the description section of the video below. You can watch the video to get stated on your own panda decoration. Happy crafting!!

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