How to dress up for an Interview ( A men’s guide)

A typical interview
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 This will be a guide for all the guys since, you know, I’m a guy too. I’ll let someone else handle the guide for the girls.If that sound good, then let’s get started on today’s topic shall we?

well, how do you dress up for an interview?

 To answer this let’s take a stroll around a supermarket for a few minutes. You are at the supermarket and are looking to buy, well let’s say toothpaste. Let’s assume you don’t know any of the good brands and it’s your very first time buying toothpaste. You’re in the aisle and see many different brands of toothpaste. How are you going to pick one? The answers easy, you will pick the one that appeals or catches your eyes first. You’ll inspect it and if it’s to your expectations, you buy it. Sometime you might not inspect it all and simply buy it just because it looks good.At the same time you might not pick a toothpaste brand that’s way too flashy now, will you? You might be wondering what this has to do with you dressing for the interview right? In reality, it has to do with a lot. Think of yourself as one among the many tubes of toothpaste on the aisle, and the customer who comes to but toothpaste as the interviewer. In their eyes, every applicant is exactly the same.It doesn’t matter to them who they choose as long as they can do the job. So how are you, as a toothpaste brand going to ensure being selected by them?

How would you normally choose? – Photo by Peter Bond on Unsplash

 You have to look professional. If you look the part, then you are halfway there. Dressing up and looking professional can go a long way in an interview.It’s giving them a first impression of you to them.

The interview begins the moment your name is called.

 So the first communication that happens is visual. At the moment you step into the room you are already showing them how good you are from your clothes.”The clothes make the man”.This is taken to the extreme in an interview. You have to dress up like you came for an interview and not for a party.So let’s get started on what you should watch out for.

1) Be as formal as you can but not too formal.

Clothes make the man
The clothes make the man – Photo by Heng Films on Unsplash

   I understand that some types of clothing might be difficult for some countries and that formal attire can vary from country to country. For example, it’s perfectly ok to wear the suit and tie in colder areas while it’s difficult to wear them on a warm summer in the tropics. Wherever you are , wear the formal clothing suitable for that climate. It can be a suit or it can be pants and a formal shirt.It’s perfectly alright. Just don’t wear a suit or other warm clothes on a hot day.You might be asked to wait sometime before the interview, you might have to rush to the place if there is traffic or you might be simply stressed out. All these might end up making you sweat. and that hot coat/suit is not going to be helping. in fact, it will just make things worse.It will be fairly obvious to the interviewer as well and will think you are silly.

2)Deodorants are your best friend.

The way you smell, tells a lot – Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash

 Remember when I told you, you might sweat? well, it will happen and when it does you start to smell like sweat. We don’t want the interviewer to smell that now do we? Always use different before going for a job interview. You will feel more confident yourself too and you won’t smell bad.

 I know I said to use deodorant, but don’t go overboard with it. You don’t want the interviewer to only smell that overpowering aroma throughout the interview.The same goes for perfumes. Some people prefer perfumes, it perfectly fine. Just don’t overdo it. you don’t want your overwhelming spray of perfume or dab of cologne to be the first or last, thing your interviewer notices about you.It’s important to smell good, but you don’t have to smell That good.

3) Fresh socks are a must!

Fresh socks
Fresh socks just feel good – Photo by Dmitriy Ilkevich on Unsplash

 Speaking of bad smells, you know what else smells bad? our feet. And our socks smell just as bad if not worse. On the interview, day wears a fresh clean pair of socks.It might not seem a big deal but lots of people tend to sweat a lot through their feet and even if you only wore them 2 hours yesterday, it will still start to smell bad today. You might not notice it immediately.Most of the time Interviews are taken place in an enclosed room. This is when these smells start to take effect. and trust me, it happens a lot faster than you would expect.Having smelly socks can put off some interviewers and might lead to an awkward situation so let’s not do that.

4) If you need socks, you’ll need shoes.

Formal shoes are best for an interview – Photo by Radek Skrzypczak on Unsplash

   Formal leather shoes are the best choice for an interview but you can wear any footwear that’s appropriate. Shoes look more professional. Avoid Hiking boots or sports shoes or flashy shoes.Pick a pair of shoes that go well with your outfit. If you are not sure about it your self, ask a friend for their suggestion.polish your shoes and keep them clean.Avoid wearing sandals at all cost.

5) Always wear a watch.

An analog watch with a leather strap is just classy- Photo by on Unsplash

 Wearing a watch might not seem to be a big deal but it’s these little things that can make a huge difference. Wearing a watch gives the illusion that you are cautious of time. It shows that you tend to be punctual and responsible.It’s always a good idea to wear an analog watch. It can be full metal or leather but make sure it matches your entire outfit. You don’t want that watch to stick out like a sore thumb. It just has to be subtle and be noticed.Think about it, during an interview they ask you some things about yourself and you happen to say you are punctual or you get work done in the allotted time etc..and you find yourself not wearing a watch. Then all you said so far lost credibility.just because there was no watch.

6)Bring your own pen.

A Pen
A pen is a must for any interview – Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

 I’ve seen this many times, an interviewer hands you a paper with a question and asks you to solve it and you start looking for a pen. after a lost effort, you have no choice but to ask the interviewer for one. Your characteristics of reliability, responsibility, adaptability etc just flew out the window. We don’t want that now do we. So always keep a pen with you. Wear it on your shirt’s pocket.Don’t go cheap on pens. Buy one that’s good, preferably one with a metallic body. A pen with a metal clip looks much better on a shirt than a plastic one. It’s much more refined.

7)Choose Your Color carefully.

What will you choose? -Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

 What you wear says a lot about yourself. It’s like a window into our personality and behavior.Even the color of our clothes can tell a story about ourselves. So pick a shirt that’s not too flashy and not too dull. You’ll also want to avoid really elaborate patterns. And make sure your clothes match.If you are picking a light shirt go for black pants or any other dark color. There is no ideal color combo here. Just pick something that you are comfortable with.

8)Watch your Hair

A nice haircut makes a great impression – Photo by John Karlo Mendoza on Unsplash

 Your hair should be neat, clean. Keep a small comb on you just in case. There is always the danger of having a messed up hair when traveling. So keep it neat. You don’t want to walk into the interview room with a messy hair when you are dressed like a professional (it just contradicts yourself). Keep your hairstyle simple and elegant.The idea is to look polished and professional, not to advertise what a creative genius your hairdresser is. This goes for facial hair too.  The clean-cut works best.If you are going to cut your hair we suggest doing it a week before the interview. This gives your hair some time to fill out.

9)Tone down on the bling.

The less bling, the better – Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash

 Avoid garish jewelry, this can distract your interviewer. Remember we are there to land a job. Not show off your jewelry.

10) Your Phone?

Keep this guy silent during the interview – Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

 This isn’t really part of your “dress code” but the snazzy diamond phone cover might look great, but it has no place in the meeting unless it is off or on silent in the bottom of your handbag, briefcase or pocket.  It certainly doesn’t belong in your hand or on the table in front of you. Remember to always keep your phone in silent mode or even better switch it off, before the interview. You definitely don’t want your phone to ring (especially if you set some rock music/ or any other song as a ringtone) during a serious interview session.  

The Final Touch

You might have seen a lot of articles about dressing up for an interview, a lot of tips tend to repeat. One thing you have to remember is that all these tips will not guarantee you a spot in a company. It is just one among several tools you will need for an interview. Sometimes your skill alone can get you in. But when the competition is tough, you will need an extra edge against all the others. That’s where these tips come in. All the tips here are not necessary for every single interview but will prove useful.At the end of the day what really matters is how much you worked on getting better. With that in mind take those interviews with confidence and all the best.

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