Has owning a Google Home really made your life better?

On a personal note, yes! having a Google Home in my room has definitely made some things easier for me. This might not be the case for everyone. but ill tell you why its useful for me.

1. I can set up alarms on my Google Home mini.

Alarms are a great resource to get up early for me and hit the gym. The problem is that sometimes I get used to the alarm tone and just sleep over it. The Google Home mini has a media alarm feature. So I can just tell it the name of an artist and the Google Home will play songs from the artist till I wake up. I find this very Helpful.

2. I can control my lights.

Smart lights like the Philips Hue can be integrated with the Google Home to let you control them with your voice. This means there’s no need to physically turn ON or OFF the switch. The problem with smart Lights is that they are extremely expensive. So I had to DIY a little and use my existing lights and connected them to WiFi Switches. These Wifi Switches can be controlled through the Google Home.

Why this is useful for me is that this was a low-cost build from my part and the light switch in my room was located in the far corner of the room. So at night, I had to turn off the light and walk to my bed in total darkness. With the Google Home, I can just lay in bed with the lights ON and ask it to turn the lights OFF.

3. DIY Home Automation

Another thing I really like about Google home is that it supports a large number of smart devices. As a result, I can DIY my own devices and integrate them with my Home Automation without much hassle. The Smart switch I mentioned before is a good example for this.

4. Brings Many Devices Together

Having many smart devices in the house is great, but it becomes harder to manage as they will have their own mobile apps. This becomes a problem as more and more devices are added to your home. The Google Home brings them all under a single Interface, the Home App. Even if you have let’s say, 3 Philips Hue smart lights, A chrome cast, and Some other branded wifi smart device, you can control and manage them all from the single Google Home app from your phone.

5. Routines

Routines are a set of activities that can be performed when you ask something. If you want to do a few things with the Google Home with a single command, routines are your best choice.

Let’s take a look at an example. When I wake up in the morning, I like to know about my day. Things like, what appointments do I have today, Hows the weather going to be like, What’s the latest news, Hows the traffic on my commute to work going to be like. I can get answers to all of them simply by saying, “Hey Google! Good Morning” because I set up a routine for that.  Its simple to set up from the Home App too.

6. Listen to Music

Of course, the Google Home is a smart speaker! So, of course, I use it to listen to some beats! I can ask it to play a song and it will randomly play some songs. I can ask it to play a specific song, and it will look for the song in the music providers I’ve connected with the home (Google Play Music, Gaana, Savan etc) and play it. I can ask for specific albums to play. I can ask for an artist and it will play the songs performed by those artists.

7. Finding My Phone

I find my self using this feature lots of times. I usually put my phone on silent when I’m at work and forget to change it back when I’m back at home. As a result, I usually misplace my phone sometimes and end up unable to find it. I can’t listen to it by calling from another phone because even if it rings, the phone is in silent mode. In such situations, I turn to my Google Home Mini!

I can ask it to find my phone and it will take my phone out of silent mode and make it ring! This has been a huge lifesaver for me on many occasions.

For a more detailed note on my experience checkout : How useful is Google Home in India?

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