Flower vase from beer bottle: Decorate your home

Let’s try and make a beautiful flower vase with old discarded beer bottles. We can find a lot of bottles being thrown away, why not use them to get a little creative? In this tutorial, I will show you how you can make a beautiful flower vase using those old bottles.

Flower Vase: materials you’ll need

Now we are going to be needing a few materials to get started. All these materials can be found from local stores pretty easily and at very low cost. Before we get started, you will need :

  • Old discarded Beer bottle ( or any glass bottle )
  • Some Permanent Markers ( Any dark colors work)
  • Some fine Sandpaper ( to clean the bottle a little)
  • Acrylic Paint ( I’m using metallic type acrylic paint)
  • Fevicryl Shilpkar clay, you can otherwise use Hot glue and glue gun ( You can use M-seal or normal clay for the most part too)
  • A can of white Spray Paint. 

These are basically all you need to get started. In addition to these, you will also need some water and a scrubber to clean the bottles. So let’s take a look at how we can start.

Getting Started.

First off we need to get the bottle cleaned up. If there are any paper stickers we will need to remove them. Now, you can soak the bottle in soapy water for a few minutes and scrub the labels off easily. Furthermore, You can also sand the surface a little with fine sandpaper to give it a little texture for the paint to stick to.

Drawing the Pattern

Next, you will need to draw the pattern you want to put on your vase. I am using a flower pattern here. You can draw using the permanent marker. Don’t worry about making any mistakes at this step. We will cover the surface with paint later.

Beveling the pattern/ Making them pop

The marker patterns are just a guide for you to use. If you are using clay you can either directly place clay pieces on top of the pattern and mold it. Or you can mold the shapes separately and stick them on after you got the desired shape. Both methods work well. I tried them both.

The blue flower model was made by directly attaching and then molding. The red one was made by shaping the parts first and then sticking them on. Both methods yield different results. You can try the method that works for you.

If you are using Fevicryl Shilpkar clay, mix both parts of the epoxy clay in equal parts and mix thoroughly. Incidentally, you can use air-dry clay if Shilpkar clay is unavailable. In this case, we used hot glue andHere we applied Fevicryl Shilpkar clay because it was easily available in the shop near me.

Alternatively, you can use a glue gun and glue sticks to shape the patterns too. However, this can be a little challenging as the glue dries very fast. You can smooth out the imperfections with clay if you are using a glue gun.

Now wait for the clay/glue to dry completely. Once Dry you can paint it.

Paint it, bring out its colors

First off, give the vase a few coats of white paint as a base. We applied spray paint here. Spray paint was used because it’s easier to give an even coat without showing any stroke marks. At least 3 coats of white paint are suggested. After the first coat, wait for about 30 minutes to apply the next coat. It is recommended to leave the paint to dry overnight before continuing painting. In the meantime, you can think up color combinations to try.

Lastly, for the final detailing work, Acrylic paint was used. Metallic and pearl type acrylic paints were used for this project. These types were selected for their shiny finish which looks beautiful than the normal version. This gives the pattern a little more depth. The blue flower was painted with metallic acrylic paint and Likewise, the red flower, with pearl type acrylic paint.

Finally, leave the paint to dry and that’s it. Additional accessories can be added or details if you like but it is not recommended. You have now successfully created a beautiful flower vase from an old beer bottle.

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