Digoo IP Camera: Limited time offer for keeping your home smarter and safer

We all consider security to be the top priority for our homes. We install only the best locks and doors for our homes to keep it safe. Most of us might have thought about installing cameras in or around our house. There are a lot of merits to having a surveillance system at home. But when we actually get into installing one, we are faced with a tidal wave of challenges. What type of camera to install, video storage and expense are the top three among the challenges. Heres where Digoo IP Camera comes into play. With a little help from them, you will be all set to secure your house a little more.

Digoo DG-MYQ

Advantages of having an IP camera

There are quite a few reasons to have an IP camera at home. The most obvious being you can now keep track of what happens around the area you placed the camera. If you are away on a trip , you can rest assured and keep an “eye” on your house and know what happens.

Having an IP camera around will also discourage thief’s from attempting to steal from your house , at least to an extent. Being known you are being watched will discourage most people from doing anything bad or illegal. Even if something does happen , you will have video graphic evidence to support your claim and possibly help in bringing them to Justice. This actually happened near where i live.

An old lady was assaulted at her home by two couples who stole her ornaments and valuables in the house, but they were swiftly captured by the police because they had caught their faces and their vehicles number plate from the CCTV camera of a shop nearby.I’m not making this up, but really happened near me. If the video was not obtained, then it would have taken longer to bring them to justice and they could by that time even escaped. It just goes to show how dangerous our current era really is. But that’s all the more reason for us to consider having a security system.

If you are leaving the elderly or kids alone at home, you can checkup on them anytime.

The challenges of setting up a surveillance system

If you are considering buying an IP camera system for your home, here are some things to consider.

Are you going to put the camera inside or outside the house. If you are setting the camera outside, then you will need to buy cameras which are water proof and rated for outdoor installation, which are more expensive than the latter.

Do you want the camera to record at night as well as day time? if the answer is yes, you will need to look for cameras with IR or night-vision functionality. How high of a video quality do you need? depending on video quality, the price can increase.

Next is connectivity. IP cameras need to be connected to a network. You can connect some by LAN (wired connection) or through Wifi. The price changes depending on the mode.

Then there’s the case of storing the recorded videos.Some IP cameras can store the footage onto a memory card. Some has Onvif capability, which allows you to store the footage locally on a storage device through the WiFi/LAN network. Some Cameras have a subscription service, by which you will have to pay the company a fixed amount annually or monthly to store the footage on the cloud.

These are some things you might want to think about before buying a security camera.

Digoo IP camera

A Special Offer of a limited time

Just for a limited time, you can buy a Digoo IP camera for just under 16$ or around 1080 Rupees. The Digoo IP camera can be considered one of the best choice for an IP camera considering its current price and the features it provides. It is definitely one of the devices i recommend you should buy.

What are the features of this camera? The Digoo DG- MYQ is a Epoch M Series 720P WIFI IP Cloud Camera with 720p + 2.1mm Super Wide Lens + Wireless WIFI Connect +110° Visual Angle + 10Pcs IR Light.

Video Quality720p HD
Frame Rate25fps± internet adaptively adjustment
Visual Angle 110 Degree
Night VisionIR night Vision Available
Lens2.1 mm Lens
Video StorageCloud Storage Service,
Amazon Web Service,
Onvif Supported (2.0Version Itself, Compatible with all NVR),
Support Micro TF Card Slot (Max to 64GB).
Recordingon Motion,
on Voice,
and Real Time Video
ConnectivityWiFi  802.11 b/g/n
Power SupplyDC 5V/1A+
Power Consumption3W MAX 
Other featureTwo Way to talk

This is the indoor Version. You can Search “DigooCloud “in Apple Store(for IOS device) or Google Play Market(for Android device) and use the app to connect to and configure your IP camera. the package will contain :

  • 1 x Digoo DG-MYQ Cloud Storage+Onvif Mini IP Camera
  • 1 User Manual Guide Card
  • Digoo DG-MYQ Original Color Gift Package, Full PE Foam Cover Protection

but no USB or power adaptor. You can either use a phone charger or buy a separate USB power adaptor having 5V 1A DC output, which are relatively inexpensive.

OutDoor Model

Check out the Outdoor version of this camera here. This One is a little more expensive being 1660Rs or 24$ but is rated for outdoor use. The Digoo DG-W01f is waterproof and is rated for outdoor use. It is also wifi based and is similar to the previously mentioned camera in all other aspects.

Digoo DG-WO1F

This is limited time offer and is only available for a few days. So hurry and visit the link below to buy your very own IP camera. They are easy to install and will definitely up your security.

Digoo DG-MYQ $15.46 (₹1,082.76)Buy Now
Digoo DG-WO1F$27.71 (₹1,660.62)Buy Now

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