CES 2019, New Philips Hue Smart Devices

CES 2019 is progressing smoothly and Philips has introduced their newest range of Philips Hue smart devices. the Philips Hue range of products is designed to bring lighting control to your fingertips. They are a line of smart lights , sensors and other devices that enhance your smart home experience to the fullest.

Having control over every appliance in your house is always our top priority. So why shouldn’t that control extend to our lighting too? Philips Hue series products are designed for just that. They bring lighting control to a whole new level and enable users to control just about everything about their lighting. You can change the color, Ambiance, and brightness of your lighting and even make it responsive to any music in the room.

The Philips Hue series were always well known for their modularity and ease of installation. But they are also well known to integrate very easily to existing smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Infact they have support for these devices built in and you could control your lighting using these smart devices as well.

New members in Philips Hue range

So these were the capabilities of Philips Hue devices till now. What’s new in CES 2019? Philips Hue line is getting their brand new additions with their outdoor lighting range that also includes an outdoor motion sensor.

Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

The  Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor, which, like the indoor sensor, is designed to detect motion, but comes with a much sturdier enclosure to handle outdoor conditions. The Outdoor Sensor can tell when a person is nearby, turning on outdoor Hue lights automatically.

The Hue Outdoor Sensor is wireless and runs on battery power. This allows it to be placed anywhere outside, needs little to no installation work and you don’t have to do any electrical wiring for it. It even has a 12-meter detection range and an integrated dusk-to-dawn sensor to make sure the lights turn on only when its dark outside. This device is expected to be priced at $49.95 and will be available in February 2019. 

Wall-mounted outdoor lighting

There are 3 additions to this range of products. Philips Hue Welcome Flood Light, Discover Flood Light, and Econic family. These will be priced $109.99,$139.99 and $129.99 respectively.

The Welcome light is limited to one shade of bright white light where as the Discover light comes in both white and color ambiance light . This means you can set the Discover light to various shades of white or even one of 16 million colors!

The new additions of smart lights by Philips will work seemlessly with their past devices and integrate with existing control methods like through the Hue App , Home App and smart devices like Google home and Amazon Echo. It can also be integrated with other HomeKit products and set to come on and off automatically at designated times if desired.

All of them are planned to be released on February 2019 and are going to be just as popular as the current Hue products by Philips.

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