CES 2019: Kicking 2019 off with a bang!

CES 2019 has officially kicked off today at Las Vegas Convention Center, bringing technological giants all under one roof where they showcase their latest and greatest tech. CES (Consumer Electronics Show ) 2019 is by far one of the most anticipated programs of the year and tech enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for it. So, what’s new in CES 2019? Apparently, there’s quite a lot.

CES 2019 will be held from 8th January 2019 to 11 January 2019. All shows and presentations will be live-streamed through their official website. you can also checkout the live streams on YouTube. Though it gets a lot of attention from the world’s media, CES is not an event where the public can go see the latest tech. However, we can watch online. Tech giants like LG, Samsung, ASUS, Dell, and much more all gather together at CES 2019.

CES 2019 New Tech ?

Some of the newest tech that are going to be presented have been leaked or teased by some companies and the line up so far looks impressive. We have everything from automated valet parking systems to bendable smartphones and giant TV’s. This is just the tip of the ice berg as there are also talks of transparent TV’s by LG, A completely reimagined Gaming laptop by ASUS, and 5G routers that will blow your minds.

Some Tech that are at CES

HTC’s next-gen VR headset

HTC is quickly gaining pace in the VR world with their VR Headset series that is going to awe the viewers with its newly announced Cosmos headset

LG’s Roll Up TV

There’s news that LG is bringing something amazing to CES and it’s their roll-up TV. LG has always been one of the top contenders in TV technology and this year they are starting things off with a bang. LG’s Flexible OLED Display can roll up into a compact tube. The company showed a design that disappears into a low-slung stand supporting a sleek silver box and a Dolby Atmos sound system

Groove X cuddly Lovot robot

This little robot is stealing the hearts of every one in CES 2019. It’s a seriously cute robotic companion with big cartoon eyes and teddy bear-soft exterior. This is one cuddly companinon you dont wanna miss hearing about.

These are not all theres tons more tech to talk about

So stay tuned as we discover each and every one of these new tech and talk about what the future beholds for us at 2019. More than anything , one things for sure, 2019 is definately going to be one we wont soon forget.

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