Attack on Titan: Attack titan Model head DIY

Well, the new season of Attack on titan definitely got everyone hyped for sure. Fans are waiting for the last episodes with excitement as the story unfolds with Eren and his team as they engage in the most epic battle yet.

Seeing the last episodes got me super motivated and so I decided to make a 3D model of the Attack Titan from the attack on titan to put on my desk.

The thing is, I don’t have a 3D printer and so I chose the next best thing! I decided to make my own model using papercraft. Pepakura is a great way to make models and it’s a great hobby. So I decided to invest some time in it and made this awesome papercraft model of Eren’s Attack titan.

Here’s a link to the youtube link so that you can check it out

It took a lot of time to make but it was a fun process, If you want to try and make one your self Im including the files Ive used here :

For a lot more papercrafts check the youtube channel

Happy crafting!!

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