Applying for a Degree: does the “College” matter?

We all strive to get a higher degree. Usually, a higher degree equals a better job. A better job equals higher wages and a better lifestyle. However, is the reality as simple as that? You will soon find out that things aren’t always that “cut and dry”. Today lets take a look at a few things you should know before applying for a degree.

Truth be told, we all live in a highly competitive environment.Everyone around you is trying to get better and better at their trade. As students, we aim to get the highest scores. We need high ranks to get into the colleges we want. For adults, we perfect our skills and earn better jobs with more responsibilities.All this for the sake of a better lifestyle.

Applying for a Degree: Which college should you choose?

Students want to get accepted into the top colleges. We spend days and nights studying for tests and apply for their entrance exams. But do all of us get in? We can be sure. Every college has only a limited number of seats. So not everyone who takes the test can get in. Should you be disappointed if you couldn’t get in? NO! you shouldn’t be.

The truth of the matter is, colleges don’t mean much. By that I mean once you graduate, it doesn’t matter which college you got your degree from. one of the hardest parts of applying for a degree is usually choosing which college to get the degree to apply?. Unless you are aiming for the top like IIT’s and the like, it doesn’t matter. College rankings are arbitrary.

No matter which college you graduate from, your degree is still valid. You are still eligible to apply for any job you have qualification apply?. There are no jobs exclusive to students from college ‘A’. There is no such thing.

No jobs are exclusive for students from a particular college

So when Getting a degree, should you really stress out about which college to go to? not really. It’s not the college reputation you should look for. But rather, take a look at its placement cell. Talk to the alumni of the college. Talk to the students at the college. Contact the teachers. You will get a better idea of the college that way than from any review site.

My advise is, look for a college that’s best suited to your taste and don’t follow the colleges “reputation”

 Reach out to the alumni if you can, and find out what its like. Most companies don’t really care where you got your degree from as long as you are skilled.

What’s behind the logic of applying to big colleges?

The answers quite simple. We all aim to get good jobs. Big colleges usually have better on-campus recruitment and top MNC’s may come to recruit directly. That’s about the only reason you could put on the table. You can argue that they have better facilities and exposure to technology, but the syllabus all colleges teach are more or less the same. Their reason for having a better recruitment that most colleges are because they have a larger network. 

You can build a better network from just about any college by engaging in off-campus fares, tech-fairs, IEEE events etc and just being active. You can apply to any company if you fulfill their requirements. No jobs are exclusive for students from a particular college. You can achieve just as much as they can if you work hard enough.

Long story short

The college you study only matters to a certain extent. No matter where you end up studying as long as you have the courage to move forward and the skills to progress, then you can easily find good jobs. So even if you don’t make the cut in a colleges entrance exam, know that there are tons of opportunities just waiting for you. When applying for a degree, the course matters, the college, only to a certain extent. So don’t waste a year trying the entrance again, instead, take the opportunity to move forward in the path that’s open to you now.

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