Learning to draw: from squiggles to faces

We tend to think of drawing as something really difficult that only people with great talent and dedication can accomplish. To be honest, this is only partly true. We do need talent, but what exactly is it and how will you know you have “talent” to draw in the first place? We can’t tell if you have great drawing skills just form your first drawing. If you look at the first attempts made by successful artists you can see that most of them started where we are now.  Draw Squiggles.…

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How to Fight Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest insects in the animal kingdom. They are responsible for the death of hundreds every day. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than 1 million people every year. They are deadly because of their ability to transmit diseases. Mosquitoes are rapidly increasing in numbers day by day and with them, so does the chance of spreading diseases. Let’s look at the different ways we can fight Mosquitoes. Pull out the roots. If we are going to fight mosquitoes,…

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Flood Emergency Bag : Make it right

The forces of nature can be quite fierce and when we are caught between it, survival will be much more challenging. Let’s take a look at making a Flood Emergency Bag and keep with you at flood times. In Kerala as of now, we are experiencing a state of unprecedented panic because of the threat of flood from this year’s monsoon rains. Lots of my friends and family members have lost their homes and are living in refugee camps or other family members homes.  Flood Emergency Bag Being at a…

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Wall Mount the Google Home Mini

If you’ve bought a Google Home Mini, then there are tons of options in placing it around the house. You could place it on a desk, right next to your computer or TV or on a coffee table. Its small size means its perfect for just about any space. But why not try something that’s a little different. let’s try to wall mount the Google Home mini. There are tons of options to wall mount the Google Home mini. We can simply buy a wall mount or make it your…

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Google Home: The Smart Speaker For You

Google home - Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

Lately, smart speakers have taken over the market by storm. The Google home is one among the top contenders and it has greatly improved the lifestyle of many users. Today lets take a look at the Google home and why its such a great piece of tech to have around you. I’ve had my Google home mini for around 4 months now. So what can it do? let’s take a look. The Google Home mini By now, most of are familiar with using the google assistant in our android phones. We…

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IT: Machine Tests, Overcome the Hurdle

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

Machine tests, also known as practical tests, are a great way to test out employee candidates who have some experience in working in the software field. For a company, there may be lots of applicants to a job vacancy for, let’s say a software engineer, Even though the vacancy is for just one or two people, hundreds of applications and resumes can reach the company. Of course, even with some filters like minimum experience and educational qualifications, the number of resumes that come into the office is still large. Besides…

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